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February 21 - February 27
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    21st February 2021
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    22nd February 2021
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    23rd February 2021

    Cherokee Challenge Flight – London to Sydney the slow way

    20:00 -21:30

    Cherokee Challenge Flight – London to Sydney the slow way – by Andy Hardy G1AJH (ex VK2CHA)”

    Join us on this amazing adventure of a lifetime. Two chaps, a light aircraft and an HF radio piloting their way from Blighty to Oz, the slow way! Andy Hardy G1AJH (ex VK2CHA)

    8pm Tuesday 23 February 2021

    Watch it now on YouTube:


    (Bury Radio Society, with Warrington ARC)

    Andy has kindly also provided some video clips of this incredible journey:

    The videos are all on Vimeo and can be found here: … “here’s the one where we landed in Darwin after the thunderstorm: … this was our landing in Amman: … this was landing in Crete: … this was Sam’s landing in Corfu: … and of course, our arrival in Sydney Harbour: … just some of my favourites!” – Andy Hardy G1AJH


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    24th February 2021
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    25th February 2021
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    26th February 2021
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    27th February 2021
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