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Icom IC705 & Accessories

Following the recent release of Icom’s all band portable SDR rig Icom IC-705, Jeff G1DYN will describe the radio and some accessories, giving his first impressions.

This was hosted on Zoom, Watch it now on YouTube:

(Hosted by Warrington ARC, with Bury Radio Society)

An Introduction to QRP

Steve Hartley G0FUW brings us an introduction to QRP radio. This is a fascinating aspect of the hobby where low power (and often low cost) equipment can be used effectively to propel your signal to distant shores. Steve will explain what it’s all about, and give you an idea of what to expect when you turn the wick down on your power.

Steve is Chairman of the GQRP Club, a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers to promote Low Power Radio which publishes the highly acclaimed Sprat magazine every quarter. Membership of the GQRP club is very low powered too, at £6.

View it now:

Also, here is the QRP Resources sheet from Steve G0FUW:

(Bury Radio Society, with Warrington ARC)

Old Ham Radio Gear, why the hell do we bother?

Steve Shorey (G3ZPS) talked to us about owning and using old amateur radio equipment, and why he and many of us do, in his talk “Old Ham Radio Gear, why the hell do we bother?

Steve G3ZPS, from Dartford in Kent has a wonderful array of old radio equipment. Over these many months of Covid-19, he and his fellow hams have been running a daily weekday net on 80m running vintage SSB equipment. Steve is also active on CW, again using his vintage equipment. Visit his website here:

This event was hosted on Zoom.

(Hosted by WARC, with Bury Radio Society)

Building a simple receiver

Nick M0NTV will take us through a build of a receiver that you can make yourself. He’ll explain how it works, the building blocks, how to make it and show you the finished receiver. It’s a direct conversion receiver, so if you’ve ever wanted to make your own receiver then this talk is not to be missed. So warm your soldering irons up, and pull up a chair.


Watch it now on YouTube:


(Bury Radio Society, with Warrington ARC)

An Amateur Radio Power Supply from Junk


Alan Drury G4FZP will show us how an old ATX power supply from a PC that would otherwise be destined to the tip can be repurposed and modified. The resulting modification, using only three resistors, is an Amateur Radio Power Supply giving 10A at 13.8V.

Note: Please observe safe working practices when working on mains powered equipment, and only do so if you are competent to do so.


Watch it now on YouTube:

A copy of the slides are available here as a pdf:

(Bury Radio Society, with Warrington ARC)



Weekly Nets: FM, 144.550MHz, Sundays 6pm, Thursdays 8pm. All welcome.