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So you have bought a nanoVNA because everyone else seems to have one? Have you not managed to actually use it? Well, Alan W2AEW will walk you through how to use your nanoVNA and get it doing useful stuff.

The nanoVNA, (if you haven’t bought one), is an incredibly cheaply priced “Vector Network Analyzer”. Despite the complicated title, in essence, you can use it just as an antenna analyzer with a plot of SWR against frequency. It’s just a case of setting it up how you want to use it.

Alan W2AEW is a hugely popular and prolific chap on YouTube who has a very special ability to explain things in a very clear way, often with hand written notes and helpful diagrams.


Tuesday 22nd June 2021, 8pm BST (which is 1900 UTC, or 3pm EST)

This event is hosted on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 773 073 0073

Also, Live-streaming on YouTube with live chat: (Live-stream to be confirmed)

(Hosted by Bury Radio Society with Warrington Amateur Radio Club)



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