Archives Timeline.

26th of April 1930 BRS member Tom Platt 2GA worked J Mousset 8JMS.

3rd of June 1934 Conventionette held in Aytown St Manchester by the RSGB.

Established in 1938. G3BRS/G6BRS is one of the oldest clubs in the country.

Post WWII letter telling G2GA that he can collect his equipment, is available on our Gallery.

1966 Joined RSGB

Bury and Rossendale radio society meet at the George Hotel in Bury.

1966 G3TKI Donald Bradshaw of Bury and Rossendale radio society received the first info from Accra that they had been taken over by the police and army.

c1970 QSL card from G3BRS

September 1972 VHF NFD with Bolton and District ARS at Rooly Moor near Rochdale on AM.

Moved to Mosses centre.

Excerpt from Short Wave magazine 1974….

Although the main meeting at Bury & Rossendale is the second Tuesday in each month, the lads get together on an informal basis every Tuesday, at the Mosses Community Centre, Cecil Street, Bury. On May 14, they have what must be a major attraction for the members in the form of a lecture by Microwave Modules Ltd., entitled “Some Design Considerations at VHFUHF.” This letter from G8HQW . Past member of G3BRS now G4FZN Chris Kirby.

c1982 visit to Emley Moor TV Transmitter site.


January 25th 1983 Inter-club quiz with Warrington ARS. Mike G4GSY in the chair.

BRS “Hamfest” 1983 in the Mosses Centre hall

1983 Stand at NARSA with Roger G6FUQ and Brian G4SEO ( Stalybridge ).

1992 Regular Journal of the day.

1998 6th September Radio Rally Castle Street

June 2010 field day organised.

2014 entered ROTA.

2014 first time winners of the shield at NARSA.

2016 winners again.

January 2016 field day at Rawtenstall Station for the arrival of the “Flying Scotsman”.

31 March 2019 GC3BRS/P Holy Island North Wales with Peter G0GPH, Rod M0ODB and M0OWS.

August 2019 visit to Bletchley Park.

2019 some of our members visited HAM Radio in Friedrichshafen Germany

Moved to East Lancs Railway station

2019 Peter G2DPL became SK.

long standing member who was our treasurer for many years and also for NARSA.

12th June 2018 visit by RSGB presdent Dave Wilson M0OBW to bury radio at ELR.



January 2020 memorialised trophy for long serving treasurer Peter G2DPL initialised.

Chairman G3RTU

25 February 2020 Our bring and by sale.

March 2020 New Logo

Then Peter G0GPH (instrumental in designing the club logo).

13 April till 11th May GB9WYH was used.

2021 Tristan G0KAY becomes Chairman.

February 2022 moved to Hollins social club.

Chair Lynda Joplin G6QA

Vice Chairman Alan G4FZP

22nd May 2022 Prestwich clough day.

Special callsign for the day.

22nd June 2022 accreditation for “Brickworks”.

October 2022 Chris G4JAG became SK.

December 2022 Steve G3OAG became SK.

29th August 2023 Fox hunt at Heaton Park.

17th September 2023 field day at Owd Betts.

2023 November Annual surplus Equipment Sale.