James Clerk Maxwell – His Life, Achievements and Legacy

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06/04/2021 20:00 - 22:00 UTC

James Clerk Maxwell - His Life, Achievements and Legacy


James Clerk Maxwell became one of the most emanate physicists of the 19th century and arguably sits along with great names such as Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Best remembered for establishing the relationship between electric and magnet fields and the existence of propagating electromagnetic waves, paving the way for the pioneering development of radio communication systems which are so essential in today’s technology and the hobby we enjoy.


David G0BCU will look at his early life, academic career, notable achievements and those who continued his work after his early death. Finally, his talk would not be complete without visiting Maxwell’s Equations, David will explain the significance of these equations in an easy to understand way.


David’s working career spanned 45 years in electrical engineering design becoming a Principal Engineer. He is a Chartered Electrical Engineer (C.Eng) and member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. He is also a member of WARC.


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(Hosted by Warrington ARC, with Bury Radio Society)