QSO Party

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25/04/2021 All day

QSO Party

Hi everyone, cast your minds back to a wet Sunday last August when G0GPH Peter organised a club QSO Party.

Lots of members went to various locations and worked / M or /P plus lots of ops stayed at home, well, another Club QSO Party will be held on Sunday 25th April 2021, the wx looks ok for that day, and hopefully it will stay fine for us.

If you are operating /M or /P, please let me know where you will be, not much good if everyone goes up th'ill to Owd Betts,I'll be going up Winter Hill on Matchmoor Lane, please let me know where your going to be so that I can put a list up of locations.

The last QSO Party was a great success, even though the wx at times was really bad, looking forward to compiling a list of locations.

G6QA Lynda V Jopson