Stealth Antennas

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26/01/2021 20:00 - 21:30 UTC

Stealth Antennas

Nick G4IWO will present this fascinating topic on stealth / covert antennas for when you might not want the public to know you have an amateur radio setup. Nick G4IWO was one of the driving forces behind the amazing two-day virtual GQRP Conference last year which was attended by people worldwide. Nick is also Chairman of Denby Dale Amateur Radio Club.

8pm Tuesday 26th January 2021

Many thanks to Nick G4IWO for this amazing talk on Stealth Antennas, from his own real-world experience. Thanks also to all that attended, it was wonderful for all of us to see so many.

A recording of the talk is available on YouTube here:

(Bury Radio Society, with Warrington ARC)